Join one of My Pure Earth’s fun, interactive, hands-on workshops to learn how to live a more natural, purer lifestyle.

Many people want to make healthier, more eco-friendly decisions but aren’t sure where to start. Maybe you already live a sustainable, low-impact lifestyle but are looking for new tips and inspiration. Or maybe you would like to come out and spend some time with likeminded people within our community and just kick back and have some fun while learning some new ways to live naturally.

My workshops cover many topics that will help you to remove toxic chemicals from your home, reduce your impact on the environment and also save you money. In each workshop we will make three of my favourite recipes that you will be able to bring home and test out, plus you will receive a recipe booklet with detailed instructions on how to make all the recipes covered.

What Our Customers Say

Marra’s class on substance free cleaning products was extremely informative. I am looking forward to implementing a whole new cleaning regime in our household with my new found knowledge. Her passion on the subject made the class interesting and enjoyable. She was thorough with her explanations and generous with her tips on what we could do to make healthier and more sustainable choices in our everyday lives. Thank you!

Yukiko Stephens

My helper attended the DIY Natural Cleaning workshop and commented that Marra was very knowledgeable, provided clear and easy directions and was patiently answering the questions being asked. She feels equipped to make these natural and non-toxic products at home and we are both looking forward to replace the conventional cleaning products we’ve been using until now.
Thank you!

Nathalie Ricaud

Marra’s workshop was such a refreshing break in this twins’ mama’s day.It was almost easy to lose sight of how professionally and efficiently it was done.Marra walked us through how to practically swap out most of the nasties in house-cleaning products.She had a running commentary of the science behind the products we made, what is practical, what is safe.She got me over my big block of using essential oils.I highly recommend spending time with Marra if you want to switch to actual green cleaning. She is a rare, authentic voice of sustainability in Singapore and the region.

Sonu Chhina

I sent my helper to Marra’s cleaning product workshop. I thought it was important to empower her with knowledge about the products she surrounds herself with daily and the alternatives. Not only did she enjoy the class, she also embraced making her own cleaning supplies. The icing on the cake is that it has saved me money and I feel confident about the cleaning products my young children come into contact with.
Thank you!

Laura Dobberstein

I am thrilled with the results from the helper courses. The main thing was I got my helpers “buy in”. She has realised that she is the one that is dealing with the chemicals the most and making your own cleaning products is not only easy and fun (she likes to experiment with the essential oils) but better for her own health in the long run. I have to say that our house is looking and smelling a lot nicer these days and my husband has even become a convert!

Vishmi De Silva 0

I attended the DIY beauty workshop whilst pregnant. I was concerned about the chemicals in drug store products and wanted to learn about natural alternatives. The workshop was extremely informative teaching us how to make various body care products such as body moisturizing oil, rose water toner and salt scrub while we got to try out various essential oils. The products we prepared were great and I continue making these products at home. Best of all the workshop was great fun!

Ryoko Willumsen

I went into the workshop not knowing exactly what to expect. I left with not only some really rad products, but also an understanding of how easy it is to replace commercial beauty products with my own bespoke eco friendly and toxin free range. The awareness I gained from the workshop sent me on a spring cleaning spree in my bathroom cupboards and I haven’t looked back sense. Thank you Marra for giving me the confidence and knowledge to make this easy transition.

Laura Dobberstein

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