Always sustainably and ethically made

At My Pure Earth, we don’t just offer the purest essential oils available on the market. We also prioritise our impact on the environment and people we work with.


Featured Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils

Geranium Essential Oil

SGD $32.00

Pure Essential Oils

Lemongrass Essential Oil

SGD $16.00

Pure Essential Oils

Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil

SGD $16.00

Pure Essential Oils

Clary Sage Essential Oil

SGD $38.00

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What Our Customers Say

Pure Earth’s essential oils are of a wonderful quality and I have replaced my previous collection of well known oils with theirs. I love what the business stands for and am pleased to be supporting their cause for my EO needs.

Nadine Linneberg

I have used several other brands before I discovered My Pure Earth. If I’m putting something on my face and skin, I’d like to know that they are of the highest quality. After using their oils and better understanding what they stand for, I love that all the oils are ethically sourced from smaller, family-owned suppliers which are vetted by Marra personally.

Li Ling

I discovered My Pure Earth’s geranium oil while pregnant and instantly fell in love. It became my go to grab for instant relaxation; it literally transports me to my happy place. Marra’s dedication to sourcing only the best for her line is obvious from the first whiff. I recommend My Pure Earth oils now to all my clients. My other favorites are mandarin, lavender, clove, cinnamon and lemongrass.

Red Miller