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6 Ways to Pamper Yourself With Essential Oils

For most of us, a trip to the spa is a rare occasion. It’s an opportunity to escape the world and immerse yourself in full-body pampering for hours at a time. But life is busy, and sometimes this kind of luxurious getaway seems out of reach. Fortunately, with a few essential oils in your tool kit, you can add a bit of spa-like pampering to your day and bring “me time” back into your weekly and even daily routines.

Below are my six favourite ways to pamper myself at home using essential oils. I have also included links to recipes, but the key to pampering is making it about YOU! So feel free to use my recipes as a guide and tweak the essential oils used so you can find a combination that is perfect for YOU!

Spa AromaAdd a spa-like aroma to your home – One of my favourite things about going to the spa is the aroma when you first walk in. Any good spa will nail this aspect of the experience and when you step inside you instantly feel yourself take a deep breath and relax. You can easily recreate this experience in your own home by diffusing essential oils. Check out my spa diffuser blend recipe HERE or use any oil or blend that brings you a feeling of instant relaxation.

Transform your bath or shower time – Rather than rushing through your bathing routine, take an extra few minutes to give your body a spa-inspired scrub. Check out our ‘Smooth as a Baby’s Bottom’ body scrub recipe HERE. But be warned, once you make your first body scrub, you will be hooked as they are unbelievably easy, and post-scrub, your skin will be smooth and glowing.

foot massageMake time for mini massages – Just because you don’t have time for a 1 hr massage at a spa, doesn’t mean you can’t loosen up at home. Have your partner spend just a few minutes in the evening giving you a mini massage, or if you’re by yourself, focus on areas you can reach—calves, feet, hands, forearms, neck etc. I love using jojoba oil as my carrier oil for massages because it is loaded with Vitamin E and B and beneficial minerals (like chromium, copper, and zinc) that nourish the It is also a natural antioxidant and will leave your skin feeling soft, not greasy! Check out our relaxing massage oil recipe HERE.

Enjoy a relaxing foot soak – Is there anything more relaxing than a bath? Unfortunately, sometimes a full bath is not an option – no tub, no time? The good news is that a warming foot bath can be just as relaxing and rejuvenating. Adding essential oils lets you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy as your feet soak. So go ahead and give your feet a little pampering. They deserve it! Check out the recipe HERE.

Body LotionCreate a personalised body lotion – I use a natural body lotion or butter which is fragrance-free so I can add different essential oils to my lotion depending on my mood or how my skin is feeling that day. I use a 2% dilution rate for body lotions (our dilution chart can be found HERE), which translates into 3 drops of essential oil for every 5ml of lotion (or 2 tsp).

I love lavender to relax, palmarosa to add elasticity to my skin, geranium if I want to get the lymphatic system moving, patchouli when my skin is feeling dry, and frankincense when I want extra nourishment and relaxation. You can use a single oil, blend, or mix a few of your favourite oils together.

Pump up your nightly hydration – How we treat our skin before bedtime has a big impact on how it looks in the morning. Plus, adding some pampering to your bedtime routine is a great way to unwind and relax after a long day. I love spraying our rose hydrosol on my face and neck after cleansing and then giving my night cream a boost by adding a single drop of frankincense or rose oil to it. I love the feeling of giving my skin a treat, knowing that my face will glow in the morning. Rose HydrosolSimply add a pump of face cream to the palms of your hands and mix in a single drop of essential oil before applying it to your face.

Feeling and looking your best isn’t just about eating right and exercising regularly; it’s also about giving your mind and body the time they need to relax and recover. And what better way to relax than with a little self-care in the form of giving yourself a little pampering at home. So try out some of the recipes mentioned above and tell us your favourite way to pamper yourself in the comments below.


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