A Little Holiday DIY Inspiration

If you love wine, chances are you have a jar of wine corks sitting on a bookshelf or decorating a counter in your home. I somehow ended up with multiple jars, bags and eventually a box full of them. I just can’t wrap my head around throwing them out. It’s as if I see the corks as the final souvenir from a great bottle of wine. Or maybe I associate the price of the wine with the value of the cork, making them little nuggets of gold, especially in Singapore. So when I saw this idea on Pinterest it was the perfect opportunity to get into the holiday spirit and display my little wine souvenirs for all to see. I’m not a creative or crafty person, but I must admit that I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. The moral of this story… If I can make this look half decent than anyone can!

Once you collect the supplies it’s actually pretty easy to make. Follow these steps and you are sure to be just as happy with the final product. Have fun, don’t burn your fingers and pour a big glass of wine, it helps with the creative process 😉


  • A wreath base. You can use either a straw base or a polystyrene one (found at most craft stores this time of year)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks – (a lot!). I went through over 30 little ones
  • Wine corks – I am guessing I used around 150 – 200, but it will depend on the size of your wreath base
  • Twine or wire to hang the wreath
  • Additional decorations for finishing touches. I bought some fake cranberries for mine, but you can also get a few tree branches, ribbons etc.


  1. Attach a loop of twine or wire around the wreath base. Do this first, as it will serve as your hanging “hook” once the gluing is complete. I left lots of extra room so I could trim it down after everything else was done.
  2. Begin to cover the wreath base with corks laying side by side. I ran the hot glue down one side of each cork to make sure they wouldn’t budge.
  3. Try to cover as much of the base as possible, so no empty spaces are popping through. But only cover the front of the wreath. The back should be left empty so it will lay flat against your door.
  4. Now you can start getting creative and place another layer of corks randomly as you go around the wreath for a second time. This is also when I placed my “special” corks strategically to highlight some of my favourite bottles of vino.

Now your wine cork wreath is complete and you can add any additional decorations that you would like. You now have a very unique holiday decoration and you were able to find a use for that massive jar of corks that you’ve been collecting for years. The best part is that you will probably have a few friends that will ask you to make them one, so you also have a great reason to open up your next bottle of vino and celebrate with friends.

Happy Holidays!

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