My Pure Earth's Mission

To take care of the planet and each other while creating pure products that inspire healthier lives.

My Pure Earth's Story

I’ve spent most of my career working for large multinational companies helping them navigate the crazy world of environmental and social responsibility. But in 2015 I decided that I needed a change. I still loved what I was doing but needed to find my mojo. The only issue was… I had no idea what I wanted to do.

My love of nature, the environment and chemical-free living inspired me to start making my own products. So when friends started asking me to teach them my recipes, I thought, “They can’t be the only people who would like to learn”.

That led me to start teaching workshops out of my house, showing people how to make their own all-natural cleaning and beauty products. As I taught more workshops, I realised that a great number of products we use in our daily lives can be replaced with essential oils or with products that contain essential oils. But I wanted to use a brand that was 100% pure, looked after the environment and the people who work to produce it, and provided transparency so I could have confidence in their claims. I couldn’t find any brands in Singapore that had these values.

My Pure Earth was born.

I created My Pure Earth to help people decode all the eco-messaging out there, to help people realise that living a sustainable lifestyle is easier than you might think and to show people that the benefits of making just a few small changes can have a positive ripple effect on our planet and our lives.

Since then I have continued to expand on the workshops that I offer and have created a selection of products that are ethically sourced and ethically priced. Today the My Pure Earth community continues to grow and I’m excited to see what can be accomplished as more and more people are inspired to make a positive change.

Marra Hensby, Founder of My Pure Earth