Pure. Authentic. Sustainable.

YES! My Pure Earth essential oils are of the highest QUALITY and PURITY available.


So pure they’ll make your eyes water.


(The eucalyptus oil definitely will!)


The difference? We just cut out all those middle men and MLM schemes so you only have to pay for the oil.

Moreover, we put sustainability and natural living at the heart of what we do.

A lot goes into making an essential oil. In fact, it takes 60 roses to make a single drop of rose oil.

We work with ethical farmers around the globe to ensure the planet isn’t harmed (view the impact page) while giving you the information (and inspiration!) you need to shift to a natural lifestyle.

Wanna DIY your own cleaning or beauty products? Use essential oils to replace chemicals and improve your wellbeing?

You’re in the right place.

Inspiring you to shift to a natural lifestyle

Hi I’m Marra, the founder of My Pure Earth.

I once overheard someone say, “head over to My Pure Earth – the founder is meticulous and researches the heck out of each blog.”

My reputation as a stickler for detail proceeds me. It’s why I started this business.

I left my job in corporate environmental and social responsibility to help people move away from chemicals (like perfumes and beauty products that are chocked full of nasties) and shift to a natural lifestyle.

Many of the cleaning and personal care products we use can be replaced with essential oils or products that contain essential oils, so I began teaching people how to make their own from scratch.

But… I couldn’t find an essential oil brand I was happy with.

Yes, I could find good quality, but what about transparency around environmental practises? And what’s up with the lifetime membership subscriptions and having to take out a loan to buy a starter kit of 100 oils?

I wanted something different and maybe you do too.

My Pure Earth exists so you can say a big YES to pure, sustainable and direct-to-consumer essential oils while living a greener, healthier life one bottle at a time.

Marra Hensby, Founder of My Pure Earth