How to add Essential Oils to the Bath Safely
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How to add Essential Oils to the Bath Safely

Many essential oils such as lavender, rose or geranium are a lovely addition to your daily soak, but how do you add essential oils to the bath so they mix with the water and don’t just float on the top?

As we all know, oil and water don’t mix so we need to help the essential oils disperse naturally with our bath water. Some people recommend mixing essential oils with a carrier oil (such as jojoba, olive oil, coconut oil etc) to help dilute the essential oils, but we find the slip factor to be a big concern. Plus, you are just adding more oil to your bath which will float on top and create an oily film. So, another great option is to add 3 to 5 drops of your favourite essential oil to one ounce of full-fat milk. Mix the oil and milk well and then add the mixture to the bath (if you are vegan, coconut milk is also an amazing choice). It not only helps to disperse the oil, but milk is actually very soothing for the skin (and the emotions).

This will help you avoid concentrated drops of essential oil floating on the surface of the water which could irritate sensitive body parts (and nobody wants to irritate their “sensitive” parts…).

Now that you know the essentials of adding essential oils to your bath, its time to take your soak in the tub from good to GLOR-I-OUS! Here are some of our favourite go-to combos:

Calming Bath Blend

2 drops Lavender

1 drop Geranium

1 drop Rose


Relaxation Bath Blend

2 drops Lavender

2 drops Chamomile (German or Roman)

1 drop Frankincense


5 Star Bath Blend

2 drops Rose

1 drop Jasmine

1 drop Vetiver


Exotic Bath Blend

3 drops Sweet Orange

1 drop Patchouli

1 drop Ylang Ylang

But don’t stop here! Smell is such a personal sense and experimenting is half the fun. Try to create your own blend and share it with us in the comments below!

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