How to Create Your Own Essential Oil Rollers

How to Make Essential Oil Rollers

An aromatherapy roll-on bottle is probably one of the best tools that you can have for using your essential oils topically. It is incredibly versatile, simple to use, and great to carry with you. In knowing that essential oils are wonderful for so many different things, you can use them to create several blends that are ready to use right when you need it. From skincare to stress relief to headaches, you can create a natural remedy roll-on for almost any everyday issue. Once you know the general safety parameters, you will feel confident making rollers for you and your family, it’s actually very easy.


Roll-on bottles



Carrier oil

Essential oils of your choice

The essential oils that you choose for the roller depends on what you want to use it for. If you are a bit timid about creating your own blends, you could easily use one of the My Pure Earth premade blends. For example, if you love diffusing Stress Less at home, but would enjoy bringing that scent with you for use at work, you can simply just choose the Stress Less blend as your essential oil.

How to Make Essential Oil Rollers

If you would like to get creative and begin using single essential oils to make blends, you would need to choose the oils based on their therapies. This might be peppermint and ginger for tummy troubles, rosemary and lemon for focus, or lavender and orange for relaxation. There are so many different options; this is where it gets really fun!

There are a few different carrier oils (fatty nut/seed oils that help “carry” the essential oils into your skin) you can choose from to use in your rollers and this may depend on your desired use as well. One of the most common options is Fractionated Coconut oil. This oil is odourless, light on the skin, and has a long shelf life. Another popular choice is Jojoba oil. Acting very similar to our skin’s natural oils, this carrier is great for all skin types and can help hydration. When making a blend for the skin, you may want to consider where you are applying it. For example, if you are making an anti-ageing roller for the face, you can use some Evening Primrose oil to help nourish delicate skin; giving the essential oils you are using an added boost of therapy.

Diluting Your Oils Safely

As you probably already know, you should dilute your essential oils when using them topically. They are very potent and are not water-soluble, so using a carrier oil makes them safer to use on your skin. When creating your roller, you have to take into account who will be using it and why. The number of drops you use will vary based on if you are applying to a child, adult, pet, or even an elderly person. It will also depend on whether you are using the blend for an everyday therapy or an acute application. Lastly, you will also have to remember that some oils are hot oils and must be diluted to an extremely low rate for topical use.

  • 1% Dilution: Recommended for children (2-10), the elderly, dogs/horses, and facial applications. In a 10 ml roller, this is 3 drops
  • 2%: Recommended for daily therapeutic use, bath and body applications. In a 10 ml roller, this is 6 drops
  • 5%: Short term use like topical treatment of pain. In a 10 ml roller. This is 15 drops
  • 10%: Short term acute situation like rashes, bites, skin infections. In a 10 ml roller. This is 30 drops

*We do not recommend topical use for infants/children under the age of one. A healthy baby between the age of one and two can use a .5% dilution rate for once in a while situations, not for daily use. Some of these safe oils would be lavender, chamomile, and frankincense.

Creating Your Roller

Once you have determined what you want to make and who it’s for, it is time to put it all together. If you are following a recipe, you can just go ahead and begin. If you are creating your own blend, you may want to experiment with the essential oils first and make sure the blend smells good first. Then all you have to do is drop the essential oils into the bottle, use the funnel to pour in the carrier oil, pop the roller fitment into the bottle, and screw the cap on. Remember to label the bottle with what the blend is for, and that’s it!

To use your new aromatherapy tool, roll onto the area as needed. When using essential oils for emotional support, we recommend applying to pulse points. When using them for physical issues, you want to apply directly to the affected area.

Post your creations below, we would love to hear about them!



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