Ditch The Chemicals And Try Out These All Natural Makeup Brands

Many makeup brands promise an instant glammed up look offering an endless stream of new products, colourful lipsticks, and smudge proof mascaras. But the products we put on our face, along with all their toxins, are being absorbed into our skin and can impact our health in the long run. Even buying products that are labelled ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ don’t guarantee safe ingredients. The good news is, there is a solution; read the ingredients list and know what to avoid. Don’t have time to do a ton of research? No worries, I’ve done it for you. Here are six of the top nasties that you should avoid:

  • Paragons – Used as a preservative, they are found in the majority of makeup products and have been linked to breast cancer.
  • Triclosan – A chemical used to kill germs, which was originally used as a pesticide, it is also found in makeup and has been linked to thyroid issues.
  • Sodium laurel sulphate – Normally found in foundations, it has been shown to cause all sorts of skin issues such as cystic acne, canker sores, skin irritation and so on.
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene – Seen in everything from your powders to your lipstick, it has been linked to delayed menstruation and a host of hormone issues.
  • Fragrance – This is often an umbrella term for a lot of nasty chemicals. Suspicious, wouldn’t you say? Especially when a lot of fragrance chemicals have been linked to cancer, reproductive problems, and allergies.
  • Carbon black – A black powder used as a pigment in mascara and eyeliner. It can also be written as D&C Black No. 2 and acetylene black. It has been linked to organ damage and some forms of cancer.

The good news is, there are some great companies out there that don’t use any of these ingredients and are also 100% against animal testing, something which is important to me as a fur baby loving consumer. Below are some great brands that can be found in Singapore that will help you look AND feel good:

  • 100% Pure – Their products are just as their name suggests, 100% pure. Their makeup can be bought in store or online and is free of the 1000+ toxins you see in conventional beauty products. Did I mention all their makeup is dyed naturally from antioxidant packed fruit and vegetable pigments?
  • SUII Naturals – A local cosmetic company which prides themselves in providing quick and easy natural makeup with zero chemical nasties. All their products are produced in small batches and are free of any preservatives. Expect artisan makeup made with unique, time tested ingredients such as pearl and thanaka powder.
  • Mineral Fusion – If you’re a fan of mineral makeup, this brand is for you. They offer makeup that has been formulated to provide us with the beneficial power of minerals. Yet another amazing company that has pledged to use chemical free ingredients. All their products are free of parabens, talc, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, and phthalates. Many of their products are still handmade and are packaged using recycled materials or with packaging that is recyclable. Their makeup can be purchased on iHerb, which ships free to Singapore, use code LHB742 to receive $5 off your first order.
  • Honeybee gardens – Created by a herbalist who made beauty products for herself and her family, this is another brand you can find on iHerb. She now creates pure, all natural makeup that is cruelty free, safe for your skin, and doesn’t pollute our environment. Reusing and recycling is a priority for this company as they value the importance of minimising waste. They also donate monthly to no kill animal shelters. Definitely a company that ticks everything off on my list.
  • Reflections – Last but not least is Reflections, another local cosmetic company that offers toxin free makeup. All their makeup is organic, gluten free and not tested on animals. The founder is focused on providing makeup that promotes consumer health, as well as environmental and social well being. She believes in educating consumers to be proactive in learning about their products ingredients.

Make some room on your makeup shelf and try out some of these brands, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

I’m Marra Hensby, an environmental, social responsibility professional turned eco-living advocate.

I’m committed to helping you live a greener, healthier and chemical-free lifestyle whilst showing you just how easy it can be. We can keep our planet and homes clean and kick out harsh, toxic chemicals while introducing a more conscious approach to our daily lifestyle. All the information you’ll find here is well-researched and designed to give you the clarity and tools you’ll need to live a lifestyle that is chemical-free and safer for you and your loved ones.

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