Citrus Oil Farmer

The Farmer & Distiller Behind Our Beautiful Citrus Oils

Italy FarmFrancesco was one of the first farmers we partnered with back in 2015, and today his stunning citrus oils are some of our top selling products. His farm is located in Condofuri, an area of Italy renowned for the highest quality citrus thanks to its amazing climate and nutrient-rich soil. The farm is located literally in the middle of nowhere, so pollution isn’t an issue, and surrounding industries do not negatively impact the quality of the soil.

Francesco has not used any chemical fertilisers for the last twenty years — not even ones permitted by their organic certification. Instead, he practises biodynamic farming methods, which are similar to organic farming but uses manures and composts instead of artificial fertilisers. As well as plants, his farm plays host to bees, cows, sheep, goats and other animals, which creates a beautiful ecosystem, enabling them to grow citrus fruits using the same traditional farming methods they have used for three generations.

Citrus Essential OilsThe sustainable ecosystem they have created means that nothing goes to waste. After the citrus oils are extracted from the fruit peels by cold pressing the rinds, any leftover plant matter is fed to the animals. In exchange, they provide manure to keep the soil rich in nutrients. It’s a win-win!

Francesco is passionate about giving back to his community. You won’t find large machinery on his farm as all of the harvesting is done by hand. He employs members of his community, and many have been working at his farm for years, some of who are second or even third-generation employees.

Francesco also runs an educational program in his community that hosts children from surrounding villages who come to learn all about growing their own food without using chemicals or synthetic fertilisers. He is a true advocate of sustainable farming methods

Citrus Essential Oils

and loves to share his knowledge to inspire the next generation. His farm reminds me of BollyWood Veggies in Singapore. It is run with passion for the environment and the people.

Francesco and his team take a hands-on approach to the entire production cycle of these oils, from sourcing only the best seeds to the final
distillation process when the oils are shipped to our offices in Singapore. His farm is the perfect example of how essential oils should be produced, without large scale, industrialised processes and a true passion for quality. He has stayed true to his roots and continues to use the beautiful, traditional, sustainable methods that his family has used for generations. True passion like this translates to the final product, and as soon as you twist the cap off of Francesco’s citrus oils, you will experience that first-hand.

Bergamot Essential OilWe currently source Orange, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin and Bergamot from his farm. Click the links to try these amazing products now!

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