Our Favourite Essential Oils to Get You Into The Holiday Spirit

Christmas Essential Oils

Christmas 2020 may look a bit different for some of us, which means it’s more important than ever to add some holiday cheer to our homes and find ways to relax and recharge (after a bloody long year!). From the fresh scent of Pine trees to the invigorating aroma of cinnamon and peppermint, what better way to add a little fun and magic to your holiday season than with a few of your favourite essential oils. These wonderful plant oils are perfect to freshen up a space, promote feelings of comfort, and even reduce stress.

The aromas of the holiday season are an integral part of what makes this time of year so special, it sparks memories from holidays past and gets us in the mood to celebrate with our nearest and dearest. Whether you are adorning your home with decorations for Christmas or sacred herbs for Winter Solstice, there are so many creative ways to use essential oils for the holidays. Below are some of our favourite essential oils and blends for the holidays. Plus, we have listed six of our favourite holiday DIY blends at the bottom of this post. Perhaps a few of these will become part of your own family traditions for years to come.

Spirit of Christmas

We have made it easy to infuse some holiday spirit into your home with this synergy blend. Spirit of Christmas was created to transport you to a white Christmas filled with spices and mulled wine. This blend was created by our founder and is inspired by her Christmas’s growing up in Canada. We love diffusing this blend in any room of the house, or you could also use it to create a holiday room spray. In a 2 oz spray bottle, add 20 drops of Spirit of Christmas, and 2 oz of distilled water. Shake well before each use and spritz around your home.


Frankincense was a very special gift that was given to baby Jesus when he was born. This essential oil is actually the perfect oil for Christmas because it can enhance your spiritual connection. Known to be used in churches for religious ceremonies, Frankincense helps regulate breathing and encourage relaxation. This grounding oil can really help balance you during this stressful and busy season. It is also a great oil for boosting the immune system which is especially important around this time of year.

Siberian Pine

This fresh essential oil is associated with Christmas because it is the scent of your holiday tree. We love this oil for its ability to invigorate the senses and provide a clean aroma. Pine is also amazing for opening airways and relieving pain. This can be really helpful for seasonal colds or tight muscles that sneak up from stress. Siberian Pine is great for diffusing, we love pairing it with citrus essential oils as well. Or add a few drops to our Ceramic Stone Diffuser and hang it on your tree to add a natural Pine tree aroma.

Clove Bud

This warm and spicy oil is recognisable as a spice used in many holiday dishes including some of your favourite cookies. We really love this oil for the holidays because it helps support a healthy immune system and is a great cleaning agent. This is very important when you are hosting guests in your home or being exposed to different germs. Clove can be a powerful scent, so it is recommended to only use a bit when creating a blend. We love to combine it with Orange and diffuse for a lovely holiday aroma.

Sweet Orange

This citrusy scent may remind you of summer and surprise you by being on this list, but the Christmas tradition of putting oranges in stockings is still prevalent around the world. Orange is a very cheerful oil and is great for uplifting your mood during a time that can be overwhelming. Studies have shown that Orange essential oil can increase feelings of comfort and lower blood pressure. Orange is also antibacterial, which makes it the perfect accompaniment to your natural cleaners. Yes, even your home cleaning products can have a festive aroma.


Ah, the minty, fresh smell of Peppermint! Reminiscent of candy canes, this essential oil provides a quick burst of energy when you are feeling a bit sluggish. Peppermint oil can also help ease headaches and stomachaches, which unfortunately are very common during holiday indulgences. Applied topically with a carrier oil, it can give a cooling effect and calm pain and discomfort. Peppermint essential oil is wonderful for respiratory health as well. Helping to open airways and aid in breathing clearly, this can be very beneficial when feeling stuffed up from colds or allergies.


Ginger essential oil is another warm and spicy scent that can be a wonderful addition to any Christmas blend. This incredible oil is an amazing anti-inflammatory and helps ease pain. Helping with digestion and internal pain, applying it topically with a carrier oil can really help with physical issues. Another great benefit of Ginger is that it is warming to the soul. It can help emotionally by boosting mental energy and inspiring confidence, which proves why it is often known as the “oil of empowerment.”

Diffuser Blends

Now it’s time to have some fun making blends using these festive essential oils. Get creative on your own or try out some of our favourites which we have listed below. These blends are all very different, but have one thing in common…. They will definitely add some holiday cheer to your home over the holidays.

Christmas Pomander

3 drops Orange

2 drops Clove

2 drops Rosemary

Oh Silent Night

3 drops Spirit of Christmas

1 drop Frankincense

1 drop Mandarin

Frosty Trees

1 drop Peppermint

2 drops Siberian Pine

3 drops Cedarwood

Christmas Cookies

2 drops Cinnamon

3 drops Lemon

1 drop Bergamot

Spiced Cider

3 drops Ginger

3 drops Orange

1 drop Cinnamon


3 drops Myrrh

3 drops Frankincense

2 drops Orange

If you have other diffuser blend recipes that you love to use this time of year, please drop them in the comments section below. We would love to hear about them!

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