Takako, The Woman Who Brought Ying Yang Yoga & Active Wear to Singapore

Yoga gear isn’t just to wear in the studios anymore. This comfy, breathable clothing has become a staple in almost all women’s closets, even if they have never set foot in a yoga studio. I’m not sure what we love most, the breathable fabric or how yoga pants enhance our rear assets. Either way, there is a lot of it being worn around the globe, but very little is known about where it comes from, how it is made and its impact on the environment. This is why Ying Yang Yoga & Active Wear is such a breath of fresh air.

The company was created in 2008 by three Japanese women who are extremely passionate about Yoga. They wanted to establish a conscious brand that is great for yoga but can also be worn casually. Takako brought this brand to Singapore in July of last year because she saw a definite need for an environmentally friendly alternative in yoga apparel for Singaporean consumers.

“Mottainai is a Japanese word, it means conveying a sense of regret concerning waste. I feel ‘Mottainai’ on the consumption patterns that I have seen and therefore decided that I should do something to promote sustainable consumption in Singapore. Fuelled by this belief, along with my passion for Yoga, I decided to bring Ying Yang Yoga & Active Wear to Singapore.”

Takako, Founder of Ying Yang Singapore

Ying Yang Yoga & Active Wear has two main product lines that are named after cities that have inspired the brands journey. The first line is named ‘Kyoto’ after the city where this brand was born and is influenced by the arts that thrive in this city. Their Bali line is inspired by the beautiful natural landscapes and rich culture found there, which explains the blend of vibrant colours in this collection. In fact, one of the founding members was so inspired by Bali, that she now calls it home.

I personally fell in love with this brand because they use organic cotton and plant based dyes. The more I learn about plant based dyes and how they are used, the more I realise these garments are little pieces of art. Their dyes are extracted from five different types of indigenous trees found in Japan and Indonesia to give them their rich and unique colours. Blue shades are obtained from various species of Indigo leaves, yellow shades are from the leaves of mango trees, brown is extracted from the leaves of Mahogany trees that are grown in the fields surrounding their dying factories… and so on.

It is such a beautiful, artistic process when you really start to dig deep and it results in each and every piece of their clothing being unique and environmentally friendly.

Ying Yang Yoga & Active Wear has also taken steps to reduce the impact of their manufacturing process by partnering with small, environmentally conscious factories. Wherever possible their factories take steps to reduce the amount of pollution generated and minimise the amount of chemicals used in their production process.

Takako says that if there is one message that you should take away from this brand it’s “Harmony in your lifestyle”.

They are all about harmony with nature and harmony within oneself.

That’s definitely a message I think all of us can support.

If you would like to learn more about Ying Yang Yoga & Active Wear Singapore, check out their website here.

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