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Get your home Hari Raya ready with Sara’s top picks

Hello, I’m Sara, Operations Lead here at My Pure Earth, and I’m going to share some of my favourite ways to use our products to prepare for Hari Raya. It’s been hard the last two years, having to limit the amount of loved ones around our table, so this year my mom and are going BIG! Big with the preparations that is. One of the first things on my list this year is making sure that when people walk through our door, they are met with the best festive aromas possible. From positive, vibrant aromas, to more relaxed and chilled out tones. I have also listed some of my favourite products to help keep my mom and I energised, and feeling our best through fasting and hosting. All my top picks are below.

Lavender Essential Oil 

One of my go to oils to stay relaxed throughout the holiday season. It’s soft, floral, and fresh aroma calms the mind and body, and eases tension, which is especially important when you’re fasting and in need of some zen (not to mention its calming vibes for hosting guests). It is also known to promote a great night’s rest after a long and tiring day of fasting and festive preparations.

Stress Less Essential Oil Blend 

Our Stress Less blend is specifically crafted to help your mind let go of overthinking. Its floral, citrusy, and slightly herbaceous aroma supports tension-release. Perfect to have on hand incase the stresses of hosting family and friends starts to creep in.

Peppermint Essential Oil 

Peppermint to the rescue! Peppermint is known for providing relief from tummy issues like gastric pains, bloating, and heartburn when fasting. I personally love creating a peppermint roller blend and having it on hand during fasting. If you’re going on a road trip back to Johor for your kampung festivities, peppermint is also great for long car rides. Just add a few drops to our Ceramic Stone Diffuser  and inhale if you are suffering from motion sickness. You can also hang the stone diffuser on the rearview mirror (it comes with a handy ribbon) to keep your car smelling fresh during the long journey.

Lemon Essential Oil

What’s Hari Raya without the classics – Rendang, ketupat and ayam masak merah? Get everyone excited for the awesome food you’re preparing by diffusing lemon essential oil to uplift the mood and create an overall positive vibe in your home. Plus, lemon will keep your house smelling nice and fresh. We have also created a citrus diffuser blend, that is bursting with positive vibes. You can find the full recipe here.

Cedarwood Essential Oil 

Sometimes I also like to create a more grounded vibe in my home for welcoming family and friends, which is when I diffuse cedarwood. It’s warm, woodsy aroma, and grounding scent is known to encourage a sense of confidence, security, and to release worries that prevent genuine relaxation. So if a grounded, relaxing vibe is what you are going for, this is your oil.

Frankincense Essential Oil

This is one of my go to oils during the holidays. I add a few drops to my diffuser bracelet and inhale whenever I need a moment of calm. I add it to my skincare routine, so I am looking my best while visiting family. And I love diffusing it while I’m at work to help me stay focused while struggling with hunger pains and lethargy while fasting.

Shield Essential Oil 

I don’t know about you, but I have mostly kept to myself over the past two years due to Covid. So my immune system isn’t at its best and there seems to be so many colds and flus going around. So I use Shield to help boost my immune system (check out my favourite recipe here for an immune boosting foot soak), and diffuse it to purify the air during and after people have visited. For an extra germ fighting punch I also mix up a batch of all-purpose spray using Shield to wipe down services in-between guests. You can find that recipe here.

Forgiveness Essential Oil Blend 

Hari Raya is all about forgiveness. Many Muslims make it a point to forgive others and to ask forgiveness from their father and mother for the wrongs they have committed over the past year. You may at times, catch them saying, ‘maaf zahir dan batin’ which literally means ‘forgive me outwardly and inwardly’. It is an act of honour that wipes the slate clean, and enables one to move forward and live life light. This is why I love gifting this blend to close family. I usually pair it with a Ceramic Stone diffuser or one of our diffuser bracelets.

Essential Oil pouches 

When travelling around over the holidays, I keep my oils safe in one of our pouches. I also use the smaller 2 bottle pouches to gift oils to friends and family.

Meraki Diffuser 

Decorations are a must for Hari Raya, they are the little extras that complete a space and give the room a little oomph and striking personality. But don’t forget about the aroma! Adding the right aroma to our home is just as important and the Meraki diffuser is a beautiful (and sustainably made) way to do just that. Choose any of the oils or blends mentioned above and create an inviting, festive, and welcoming aroma for your guests.

I hope this list helps you check off all the necessities to get your home Raya ready (aroma wise that is!). If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below, or go to our website and chat with us via WhatsApp. Also, keep an eye on our IG and FB feeds as I’ll be posting a lot more of my personal tips and tricks on how to use our products during Hari Raya.

Shop our Hari Raya picks now! Selamat Hari Raya from me and all of us here at My Pure Earth!

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