Living a natural lifestyle in Singapore isn’t always easy. I was spoiled growing up in North America with a vast selection of products at my fingertips. Some of the products that I love using on a daily basis aren’t available in Singapore, which is why iHerb has become a lifesaver. During My Pure Earth workshops, a variety of all natural, organic ingredients are used to make the products we love. iHerb carries many of them, and delivers to Singapore for FREE! So check out iHerb by clicking here, and enter in the MPE coupon code LHB742 to receive $5 off your first order. Happy shopping.

I’m Marra Hensby, an environmental, social responsibility professional turned eco-living advocate.

I’m committed to helping you live a greener, healthier and chemical-free lifestyle whilst showing you just how easy it can be. We can keep our planet and homes clean and kick out harsh, toxic chemicals while introducing a more conscious approach to our daily lifestyle. All the information you’ll find here is well-researched and designed to give you the clarity and tools you’ll need to live a lifestyle that is chemical-free and safer for you and your loved ones.

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