We are committed to responsible practices every step of the way

1. Responsible Production

Responsible production starts with due diligence and time taken to cultivate relationships. We first look at the region of product origin and how the production or harvesting of the ingredient is impacting the community or culture. We also work hard at building rapport with the farmers we work with to get to know them in a personal capacity. This helps us understand their unique processes and challenges, and plan how we can grow with them over the years.

We pride ourselves on working with family-run farms and small, ethical suppliers. Many of the farmers we work with incorporate sustainable agricultural practices ranging from water conservation programmes to zero-waste policies. All farms are also chemical and pesticide-free.

Beyond considering the environment, many farms also implement social practices that strengthen local communities through programmes developed to meet the needs of a location, such as through educational outreach or by providing food and accommodation to employees.

Finally, our products and blends are never tested on animals. We rigorously research the regulatory mandates of every new country we enter to ensure animal testing is not required.

Find Out Where Your Essential Oil Was Produced

2. Sustainable Packaging

Our shipping and packaging materials are 100% recyclable and, where possible, made from post-consumer materials. We use UV-protective amber glass bottles that safely store essential oils without oxidation or leaching.

More importantly, we are committed to minimising our environmental impact by limiting the waste generated by our packaging. We do this by actively reducing the raw materials that make up each package, for example, by excluding unnecessary promotional materials. We also strive to source raw materials locally and support small Singaporean businesses whenever we can.

Amber Glass Jar

3. Thoughtful Consumption

Producing essential oils is extremely resource-intensive — it takes 60 roses to produce just one drop of rose oil! To actively reduce plant matter wastage, we encourage a less is more approach through safe and responsible consumption.

We provide pure essential oils of the highest quality available so a little goes a long way every time. We also offer plenty of tips, recipes, and even workshops for you to learn how to select your oils and safely use them to their fullest potential, even with kids and pets at home.

4. Bottle Take Back Programme

Our Bottle Take Back Programme keeps products out of the landfill and allows us to extend the life of any empty essential oil bottle. We are proud to run Singapore’s first essential oil bottle take back programme. Bottles may be returned to our collection locations in Singapore.

We currently do not offer any bottle return programme by mail. If you live in a different country, the most effective way to recycle your bottle is through your local recycling service or by repurposing the bottle at home.