What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are therapeutic extracts from plants, sometimes known as the essence or life force of the plant. They are potent, volatile compounds that come from roots, stems, flowers, leaves, or fruits. These powerful oils can provide physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Want to learn more about how these amazing oils are made and used? Continue reading for a more detailed introduction to essential oils and to learn all about their amazing uses.

How are Essential Oils Produced?

Depending on the type of plant, Essential Oils are the result of steam distilling, cold-pressing, or solvent extraction. For example, the rind of a citrus fruit is pressed to release the aromatic oils inside. But Lavender oil is produced when steam penetrates the plant matter then cools and condenses.

Did you know that it takes 60 Roses to make a single drop of our Rose oil? Or that it takes 4.5 kg of Jasmine flowers picked only at their peak in the night to make one 5 ml bottle? That just goes to show how incredibly precious Essential Oils can be!

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the act of using Essential Oils for their therapeutic properties. Supporting and balancing your body’s state of being, the chemical compounds of these oils can encourage holistic wellness. There are a wide variety of therapies that Essential Oils can provide, and by choosing the correct oil and application for your issue, you can promote natural healing.


How to Use Essential Oils?

When you hear the word Aromatherapy, you immediately think of smell… and yes, that is a big part of it. Aromatherapy is actually a blanket term for using Essential Oils in a variety of ways. Let’s break it down:

Inhalation: the process of smelling Essential Oils sending them into the nose where they travel along the cilia and into the olfactory. This is where the Essential Oil hits the limbic system and tells your brain how to react to a situation. Inhalation includes the use of diffusers, sprays, nasal inhalers, aromatherapy jewelry and more.

Topical: applying Essential Oils on the skin with the use of a carrier oil (a fatty nut, seed, or vegetable oil) can be very effective for many conditions. Not only do you inhale the oils as you put them on your skin, but you also get the benefits of absorption into your body and bloodstream. This can help with physical ailments and longer term emotional issues. Topical application also includes compresses, baths, massage, roll-ons, natural perfumes etc.

What are the Benefits
of Essential Oils?

Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years and are considered the world’s oldest form of natural medicine. Through time, the distillation process has gotten better and more effective, but people still seek out this traditional therapy for many everyday ailments. Some of these include:

Pain management: headaches, digestion, muscle soreness, cramps etc.

Emotional wellness: stress, focus, energy, happiness etc.

Skin conditions: bug bites, acne, eczema, rashes, infections etc

Spiritual connection: meditation, yoga, religion

Cleaning or refreshing your home

Creating an inviting atmosphere

Boost your immune system

Daily natural skin care
…And so much more!