Hi! I’m Marra, the founder of My Pure Earth. I left my job in corporate environmental and social responsibility to teach people how to move towards a natural lifestyle and away from chemical – laden, everyday products. I conducted workshops to show how to safely make our own products by harnessing the power of essential oils, but there was one big problem – I couldn’t find an essential oil brand I was happy with.

Yes, there were good quality products out there, but they were never upfront about their environmental practices. Then there were the brands selling lifetime membership subscriptions, or retailing a “starter” kit of 100 oils at shocking prices. I wasn’t interested in inflated prices or multilevel marketing (MLM) schemes that prioritise making a sale over educating customers on how to safely use essential oils.

I wanted something different and maybe you do too. That’s why My Pure Earth exists as a direct-to-consumer line for everyone to live a greener, healthier life with the highest quality essential oils that are always sustainably produced.

Marra Hensby, Founder of My Pure Earth

Our Philosophy

Pure Quality

Our essential oil singles are of the highest quality and purity available. Verified labs independently assess the quality of each batch, and test results are proudly available on each product page.

Sustainably & Ethically Made

From zero-waste agricultural practices to our packaging materials and Bottle Take Back Programme, we make sure our choices are responsible to the earth and people we work with.

Practical Inspiration

Shifting to a natural lifestyle doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Let our resources and workshops help you learn how to use essential oils to boost your wellbeing and create non-toxic products.