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Do you work to support others in living well using essential oils?

Introducing Pure Pro: a community of wellness professionals who are eligible for our generous discount program.

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Spa owners

Massage therapists

Yoga teachers

Gym & Studio owners

Midwives, doulas, birthing coaches and facilitators


Healthcare practitioners

Sound healers

Meditation facilitators

Palliative carers

Did we miss you? If your work isn’t mentioned here, first of all, our apologies – not everyone fits into a labelled box, and more power to you for being extraordinary. You can still apply via our form below.

Here's your opportunity to:

Receive 20% off My Pure Earth products and other benefits only available to our Pure Pros.

Get exclusive access to Pure Pro sales events.

Earn Pure Points for every purchase

Be invited to contribute and be featured across My Pure Earth’s community of more than XXXX people.


1. Review and agree to our Terms & Conditions.

2. Apply via the form below.

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Terms and Conditions

  • The Pure Pro discount can be used for purchases made at mypureearth.com only. The discount does not apply to our products purchased at any other locations.
  • The Pure Pro discount applies to full-price items only. Sale products are excluded.
  • As much as we love you spreading the word about My Pure Earth, the 20% off discount you receive as part of the program is a benefit exclusive for you and you only.
  • We are proud to not be an MLM (multi-level marketing) company. So you cannot resell our products for any reason. Products purchased through our Pure Pro program are for you to use solely for the purpose of enhancing your professional wellness practise.
  • If it is discovered that you have shared your discount with any third party, My Pure Earth reserves the right to remove you from the program.
  • As a Pure Pro, you will continue to promote our brand in a positive and professional manner on any websites, blogs, and social media accounts.
  • My Pure Earth reserves the right to alter the program at any time.