Lavender Hydrosol

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Your daily dose of gentleness in a 4oz bottle.

  • Batch # 103
  • Certified Organic, Steam Distilled
  • Sourced from Bulgaria
  • Botanical name: Lavandula angustifolia

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Lavender hydrosol has a beautiful floral, fresh, slightly herbal aroma which promotes positivity and is known for reducing anxiety and stress. It’s as beneficial for relaxation and it is skincare, plus it’s gentle enough to use on babies and children.


Use in the morning as a balancing facial toner, and spray throughout the day to freshen up your spaces (at home and in your head).

  • Create a facial toner with lavender hydrosol and other nourishing ingredients to help balance combination skin that is dry in the cheeks, and oily in the T-zone. Check out the recipe here.
  • Use as a natural perfume or body spray to promote emotional balance and a sense of wellbeing (or just to enjoy its amazing aroma).
  • Spray on a bug bite for relief of irritation and inflammation. (great for kids after they have been bitten by a mozzie).
  • If you or your kids got a bit too much sun, spray on skin to soothe the burning and tightness and help skin heal.
  • Spray on bed linens (pillow) before bed for a restful sleep. Also great for kids.
  • A great natural nappy rash spray, and can sooth any red, irritated skin.
  • Add a few sprays to a baby’s bath to relax them before bedtime and soothe dry, irritated skin.
  • To learn about how hydrosols are made and more great uses, check out our full article here.

Small batch and
fully traceable

Third-party tested
via GC/MS

Sustainably sourced,
from plant to package

Chemical and


Farmed & distilled in
Hand-poured in Singapore.

Our Lavender Hydrosol is produced by the same farmer who produces our Lavender Essential Oil. When the flowers are distilled (using steam), the pure essential oil rises to the top and beautiful, aromatic, lavender infused water is left. The technical term being lavender hydrosol. Our certified organic lavender hydrosol is steam distilled from flowers grown in rolling purple fields in the Bulgarian countryside. This family-run distiller has been certified organic since 2007. We adore them because the environment is a core part of their business — they even developed a distilling process that yields zero waste! Everything goes back into their gardens in the form of a natural fertiliser while the parts of the plants that cannot be used to distil oil are given to a nearby cow farm for feed.


My Pure Earth’s Lavender Hydrosol is composed using 100% pure essential oils and purified water. Nothing more, nothing less.

Additional information

Weight 220 g


Country of Origin


Extraction Method

Plant Part(s)



Batch History

Batch #            Distillation Date.

LAH#101                 Sep 2018

LAH#102                 Sep 2019

LAH#103                 Jul 2020

Safety & Shelf Life

There are currently no known safety issues when using hydrosols.

Consult your healthcare provider if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications, or being treated for other health challenges. Keep out of reach of children. Store in the refrigerator, tightly capped.

Suggested shelf life is 2 years from date of distillation. Our hydrosols are 100% pure and do not contain any preservatives, so you should keep them refrigerated in order to enjoy their shelf life of 2 years. If you cannot refrigerate your hydrosol, then you should use it within 3 months of receiving it.


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Jean Yeo
It works!

Tried it and had better sleep! Good recommendation from friend.

Hi Jean!

Thank you! Glad you liked it! (:

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Fun Fact! Did you know…

1.) Inhaling essential oils stimulates the olfactory system, and therefore the central nervous system. (What a great way to calm down!)