Lemon Essential Oil

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Your daily dose of sunshine in a 10ml bottle.

  • Batch # 105
  • Organically-grown, Cold-pressed
  • Sourced from Italy
  • Botanical name: Citrus limon

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Lemon oil cuts through the blues like a hot knife through butter (and does the same to grease, FYI). This oil has a zesty and inspiring aroma that clears the mind. Known for improving concentration and supporting decision making,lemon oil is also handy in the home and kitchen. Emotionally, it lets in happiness and positive energy.


Use in the morning for an extra mood boost, and throughout your day to minimise anxiety and keep energy levels high.

  • Combine lemon oil with patchouli and lavender oils to create a diffuser blend which is relaxing and uplifting to support you when feeling anxious and low in energy. Check out the blend here.
  • Add to your DIY cleaning products to kill germs and bust through grease. But do not use on marble or granite as it will slowly corrode the finish.
  • Combine lemon oil with cypress oil to create a massage blend that relieves painful and swollen varicose veins. These oils work together to provide pain and inflammation relief while promoting healthy circulation. You can find the full recipe here.
  • When you are left with a sticky or greasy mess (such as residue left behind by stickers – if you know, you know, mamas), you can use lemon oil. Simply place a few drops on a cotton pad and rub down the sticky area until the residue or spot is gone.
  • Diffuse around your home to get rid of bad odors and to add an uplifting and energising aroma.
  • Make a fresh potpourri spray to keep the air fresh when the toilet gets a bit…action-packed. Combine lemon, peppermint, and eucalyptus for a bright, fresh aroma. Check out the full recipe here.
  • Settle feelings of nausea with a lemon and peppermint travel inhaler. You can add 5 drops of lemon and 3 drops of peppermint, but play around with the ratio to suit your own aroma preference. Check out our article on how to make your own eco-friendly inhaler using your old essential oil bottles here.

Small batch and
fully traceable

Third-party tested
via GC/MS

Sustainably sourced,
from plant to package

Chemical and


Farmed & distilled in Italy.
Hand-poured in Singapore.

Our organically-grown Lemon Essential Oil is cold-pressed from the rinds of fresh lemons grown in Italy. This farm has not used any fertilisers for the last 20 years — not even those permitted by their organic certification. Instead, they practise biodynamic farming, which – similar to organic farming – uses manures and composts instead of artificial chemicals on the soil. They’re also passionate about employing their local community. Many of their employees have worked with them for most of their lives, and the farm now even employs some of their employees’ grown children! They also run an education programme which allows children from surrounding villages to visit and learn all about growing their own food without using chemicals or fertilisers.


My Pure Earth’s Lemon Essential Oil is 100% pure. And then some.

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Weight39 g
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100% Pure Essential Oil



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Batch History

LE#101          Feb 2015

LE#102          Feb 2017

LE#103          Feb 2018

LE#104          Dec 2019

LE#105          Jan 2022

GC/MS Test Results
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Safety & Shelf Life

It is phototoxic when used in a blend at more than 12 drops per ounce (30ml). May cause skin irritation.

Consult your healthcare provider if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications, or being treated for other health challenges. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool place, tightly capped.

Suggested shelf life is 2 years from date of distillation.


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Best Lemon EO!

By far my fave lemon EO and will not purchase anything else now! A serious burst of freshness just from uncapping the bottle and a joyful and rejuvenating strong citrus scent for all uses. Looking forward to try the other citrus EOs

Hi Narita!

Thank you for your review! Happy to hear that you are enjoying our oils (:

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1.) Inhaling essential oils stimulates the olfactory system, and therefore the central nervous system. (What a great way to calm down!)