Rose Essential Oil

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It takes about 60 roses to create a single drop of this exquisite, exotic, sweet, floral oil. This Bulgarian rose oil is steam distilled. This oil is 100% pure and natural because only fresh rose flowers, fresh water and steam are used in this process. Bulgaria is the perfect location to produce this certified organic rose oil as the climate and gentle sunshine ensures the fragrance, purity and naturalness of the essential oil is intact and uncompromised.

Rose oil is equally beneficial for men and women. When we think of roses we think of love and this oil is filled with love. It loves the skin, the heart, the mind and our emotions. For the skin, rose oil has been known to relieve dryness, rashes and inflammation. For the mind, it will bring a balance of thoughts to induce a restful night’s sleep, especially during times of insomnia. For the heart, it can be useful if you are experiencing palpitations.

This is an amazing oil for when anxiety and depression are running deep. From trauma, shock, or grief, this is a great oil to help sooth your heart. This is an investment oil as it has a long shelf life and you only need a few drops at a time in any given recipe or to diffuse.

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena


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