Athlete’s Foot Soothing Gel

This blend is an all-natural way to help support and soothe skin affected with athlete's foot.

Lemongrass, palmarosa and tea tree have strong antifungal properties which make them great at fighting athlete’s foot. The palmarosa oil also works with the patchouli to soothe, cool and heal the skin.


1oz aloe vera gel

72 drops solubol (dispersant)View Details

Solubol (Dispersant)

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6 drops patchouli essential oilView Details

Patchouli Essential Oil

SGD $22.00

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As the official scent of the Age of Aquarius, made popular by our hippie ancestors, patchouli has a deep, woody, sweet, and earthy aroma. It is amazing in blends to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. It can also be used in blends for skin conditions such as dryness, inflammation, scars, sores, eczema, and wounds.

4 drops lemongrass essential oilView Details

Lemongrass Essential Oil

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For when your mind has all the fog of an idyllic lakeside escape but none of the romantic introspection. Lemongrass is a citrusy, fresh oil which has beautiful earthy undertones. It’s stimulating, refreshing, and is great for balancing the mind and improving mental clarity.

4 drops palmarosa essential oilView Details

Palmarosa Essential Oil

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A rose by any other name would smell as sweet as palmarosa. It has a floral, rosy, sweet, and fresh aroma and is a great oil to add to your skincare routine. Palmarosa is beneficial for all skin types as it moisturises, stimulates cell regeneration, encourages elasticity, and regulates the production of sebum.

4 drops tea tree essential oilView Details

Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Ain’t no oil dope as this, it’s just so fresh, so clean. Tea tree has a very distinctive aroma – medicinal, camphorous, fresh. It’s a must-have oil for sending germs on their way, and for natural cleaning recipes. Emotionally, it’s very uplifting and balancing.


A glass jarView Details

Amber Glass Jar 100ml

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Step 1 Add the essential oils, solubol and the aloe vera gel to a glass jar. Mix well.

Step 2 Make sure the blend is mixed well before each use. Apply to affected areas 4 times a day for approximately a month.

Step 3 Continue application for one week after visible symptoms subside.

Step 4 If you try out this recipe, please review it below. I would love to hear how you liked it.


Marra Hensby

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Fun Fact! Did you know…

1.) Inhaling essential oils stimulates the olfactory system, and therefore the central nervous system. (What a great way to calm down!)