Relaxing Lavender and Chamomile Foot Soak

If you’re looking for a simple DIY foot soak, you’re going to fall in love with this easy, super relaxing recipe.

I love a good foot soak to end my day, and this one is like taking a deep breath and exhaling all the days stress right out of my body. Both lavender and chamomile have long been proven to be very calming, relaxing and oh so sleep inducing. Plus the combo smells amazing!


¼ cup epsom salts

1 tbsp baking soda

1 tsp carrier oil (jojoba and fractioned coconut oil are both great options)

2 drops lavender essential oilView Details

Lavender Essential Oil

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You want this oil on your side. Everybody does. That’s probably why lavender is one of the most popular and versatile oils in aromatherapy. Its soft, floral, and fresh aroma calms the mind and body, eases tension, and is great to support sleep.

2 drops German chamomile essential oilView Details

German Chamomile Essential Oil

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Like a drop of liquid relaxation, German chamomile is very soothing and calms feelings of anger, frustration, or stress. It has a strong, sweet, herbal, and slightly fruity aroma. Its anti-inflammatory and cooling actions are highly effective for relieving pain and heat.


A small bowl to mix up the ingredients

A large bowl or tub to soak your feet in


Step 1 Mix your carrier oil with the essential oils in a small bowl.

Step 2 Mix the epsom salts and baking soda in with the oil mixture.

Step 3 Add this mixture to a warm bowl of water and soak your feet for 20-30 minutes. Soak and repeat as often as you like.

Step 4 If you try out this recipe, please review it below. I would love to hear how you liked it.


Marra Hensby

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Fun Fact! Did you know…

1.) Inhaling essential oils stimulates the olfactory system, and therefore the central nervous system. (What a great way to calm down!)