Mellow Out Massage Oil

Boost your massage experience with this sublime stress relieving oil blend.

I have been mixing and bringing my own oil blends to my massage appointments for years. I find many spas still use massage oils with strong perfumes, and low quality carrier oils. If you haven’t done this before, I highly recommend it, as it will give a serious boost to your massage experience!

The oils in this grounding, sensuous massage blend work together to soothe the body and mind, while smelling absolutely amazing! Be warned… once you try it, you may find yourself trying to fit in a massage every day.

This blend was created at a 2% dilution. I always recommend a small patch test to ensure there is no skin sensitivity.

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1 oz jojoba oil

7 drops of cedarwood essential oil View Details

Cedarwood Essential Oil

SGD $16.00 SGD $8.00

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Take flight while you stay rooted. Warm and woodsy cedarwood is known for providing emotional strength, or for when you need an anchor. Diffuse and say goodbye to mental strain, symptoms of depression, and stress-related insomnia.

7 drops of bergamot essential oil View Details

Bergamot Essential Oil

SGD $26.00 SGD $13.00

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Bright vibes, bold peace. Bergamot’s citrus aroma with delicate herbal notes is both uplifting and calming, making it perfect for staying centred during times of stress, or for preparing your mind for sleep.

3 drops of jasmine essential oil View Details

Jasmine Essential Oil

SGD $128.00 SGD $64.00

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Oh, the intoxicating pleasure that comes from jasmine’s nuances. It’s a complex aroma – which makes it that much more alluring. Intense, rich, floral and sweet, jasmine is known in many cultures as the perfume of love, and is a powerful antidepressant that inspires joy and self-confidence. It takes 4.5 kg of jasmine flowers to make one 5ml bottle of essential oil, so just one drop truly goes a long way.


glass pump bottleView Details

Amber Glass Pump Bottle 118ml (4oz)

SGD $4.00 SGD $2.00

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Step 1 Add the essential oils and jojoba oil to your glass pump bottle. This recipe will make 1oz of massage oil, and our pump bottles can hold 4oz. So feel free to double, triple, or quadruple this recipe.

Step 2 Shake well, and go find someone to give you a massage.

Step 3 If you try out this recipe, please review it below. I would love to hear how you liked it.


Marra Hensby

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Fun Fact! Did you know…

1.) Inhaling essential oils stimulates the olfactory system, and therefore the central nervous system. (What a great way to calm down!)