All Purpose Cleaning Scrub

Replace your CIF or other chemical filled scrubbing products with this totally natural version.

This is one of my most popular recipes in our DIY cleaning workshops. People are always amazed at how well it works, and start to question why they bought chemical filled cleaning products in the first place. I recommend making this scrub in small batches because it will dry out and harden in 2-3 weeks. If this starts to happen, just add more water, and stir well to bring it back to life.

***Fun fact – this scrub is so natural you can also use it as a hand and body scrub (but replace the tea tree oil with a gentler oil such as lavender or frankincense).

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⅓ cup baking soda

2 tbsp Castile soap

5 drops tea tree essential oilView Details

Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Ain’t no oil dope as this, it’s just so fresh, so clean. Tea tree has a very distinctive aroma – medicinal, camphorous, fresh. It’s a must-have oil for sending germs on their way, and for natural cleaning recipes. Emotionally, it’s very uplifting and balancing.

½ tbsp water


1 glass jarView Details

Amber Glass Jar 200 ml

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Step 1 Combine the baking soda, Castile soap and tea tree in a glass jar.

Step 2 Slowly add the water to the mixture and continue to stir until it becomes a smooth paste that has the same consistency as toothpaste.

Step 3 It's hard to nail this consistency the first time, but just add more water if your mixture is too thick, and more baking soda if your mixture is too thin. After you make this a few times you wont even have to measure the ingredients. Just tweak the water and baking soda until you hit the consistency you want.

Step 4 Scoop out the scrub with a sponge or brush and start cleaning. No rubber cloves required.

Step 5 If you try out this recipe, please review it below. I would love to hear how you liked it.


Marra Hensby

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Fun Fact! Did you know…

1.) Inhaling essential oils stimulates the olfactory system, and therefore the central nervous system. (What a great way to calm down!)