Relaxing Floral Bath Salts

Relax and unwind with these aromatic bath salts. This recipe is floral, sweet and one of my favourite's to soak in.

This recipe only takes a few minutes to make and you can double it up and leave a jar of these aromatic bath salts next to your tub, so they are always ready for the next soak. I also love making this recipe as a gift.


1 cup natural salts (e.g. epsom salts, Himalayan pink salts, or a combination)

1 tsp carrier oil (e.g. grapeseed oil or jojoba)

3 drops lavender essential oilView Details

Lavender Essential Oil

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You want this oil on your side. Everybody does. That’s probably why lavender is one of the most popular and versatile oils in aromatherapy. Its soft, floral, and fresh aroma calms the mind and body, eases tension, and is great to support sleep.

3 drops geranium essential oilView Details

Geranium Essential Oil

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A girl power oil for girls and boys, geranium is fresh and rosy with sweet, herbaceous notes. It has been referred to as a “women’s oil” because it can help balance hormones, but it calms nerves and reduces feelings of stress for everyone.


1 medium sized bowl to mix the ingredients

1 sealable glass jar


Step 1 Mix the carrier oil and the essential oils together in a bowl.

Step 2 Mix in the salts.

Step 3 Choose a pretty jar and place it next to your tub so its ready for the next soak.

Step 4 You can add some dried lavender flowers to give some colour to your salts. This is a nice touch when giving this recipe as a gift.

Step 5 If you try out this recipe, please review it below. I would love to hear how you liked it.


Marra Hensby

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Fun Fact! Did you know…

1.) Inhaling essential oils stimulates the olfactory system, and therefore the central nervous system. (What a great way to calm down!)