Natural Floor Cleaner for Tiles / WoodBy My Pure EarthStore bought floor cleaners are usually filled with chemicals, artificial fragrance and cost far more than they should. Check out our quick, cheap, simple and all natural alternative.
Exhale Diffuser BlendBy My Pure EarthThis should be a go-to diffuser blend when you are feeling stressed, mentally exhausted and anxious. This blend reminds us to stop holding our breath and finally..... exhale.
Uplifting Roller BlendBy My Pure EarthThis blend is great for when you are looking for a positive, uplifting vibe throughout your day.
Peppy Coffee Body ScrubBy My Pure EarthThis is the perfect body scrub to use in the morning. The coffee and peppermint combination wakes up your senses while the coconut oil leaves your skin nourished and glowing for the day ahead.
Spa Day Diffuser BlendBy My Pure EarthBring the relaxing aroma of the spa into your own home by diffusing our Spa Day diffuser blend. .
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