‘Smooth as a Baby’s Behind’ Body Scrub

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on store-bought body scrubs which are full of preservatives and artificial fragrances when you can make your own all-natural version for a fraction of the cost. But be warned, once you make your first body scrub, you will be hooked as they are unbelievably easy, and the different combinations are endless. With just a few simple ingredients you’re able to customise your scrubs to your skins specific needs, because sometimes your skin is rough and needs to be exfoliated, and sometimes it’s dry and could benefit from extra hydration.

Our ‘Smooth as a Baby’s Behind’ body scrub is great for when you have dry, rough skin. It has Himalayan salt as a base, which is full of minerals and nutrients to boost the skin’s appearance. Salt also contains magnesium which helps to reduce inflammation and flush away toxins. Salt scrubs are more abrasive than sugar scrubs, making them great for removing dead and hardened skin. However, some people find salt scrubs a bit too abrasive, but still want all the benefits of the minerals and nutrients. So we like adding baking soda to our salt scrubs as its also a great exfoliator and softens skin while adding a softer, finer grain feeling to your scrubs.Body Scrub

The essential oils that we have chosen for this scrub also pack a lot of benefits. Frankincense is liquid gold for your skin. It is known for balancing all skin types, regenerating ageing skin and smoothing out wrinkles while preventing more of them. Patchouli is known for skin hydration, stimulating the growth of new skin, and reducing the appearance of scars. Cedarwood is incredibly grounding and is known for relieving mental strain, helping with symptoms of depression and bringing relief for insomnia when stress-related, making it great to use in scrubs before bedtime.

We have chosen Jojoba as the carrier oil because of its combination of fatty acids which mimic our skin’s natural sebum, and which makes it absorb better than most other carriers. It’s a lighter-feeling oil but deeply hydrating, and full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are fabulous for our skin’s health. Our skin becomes dull when it’s dehydrated, so by boosting the skin’s moisture, Jojoba oil helps diminish dullness and up your glow.


Creating your scrub

  1. Mix ½ cup of fine Himalayan pink salt with 2 tablespoons of baking soda.Body Scrub
  2. In a separate dish, combine 2 tbsp of Jojoba oil with the essential oils and then add this oil mixture to the salt and soda mix.
  3. Combine well and slowly add more of the Jojoba oil until you reach the desired consistency. Some people prefer a dryer scrub, while others prefer to add more of the Jojoba, to have a softer, silkier scrub.
  4. Store your scrub in an airtight container. Preferable an amber glass jar as this will keep the light out and extend the life of your essential oils.
  5. Scoop out your scrub as needed and apply in a circular motion to wet skin. Massage gently on your skin for 1-2 minutes. Rinse and pat dry.

Tip – If you can’t find finely ground Himalayan pink salt, add it to your food processor and grind it down to almost a sand-like texture.

Post-scrub, your skin will be smooth and glowing. Use this scrub on your legs, arms, elbows and feet, avoiding sensitive skin areas such as your face. If you would like to learn more great scrub recipes, join one of our workshops which will talk more about different scrubs for different parts of the body and dive deeper into all the amazing combinations that can benefit your skin.


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