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The Joy of Creating Something for YOU!

With so much content on social media, I feel like we are surrounded by everyone else’s moments, especially with spending so much time isolated this past year. Many people spend their days scrolling FB feeds or looking at beautiful images of other people’s creations on Pinterest, IG or in blog posts. I am also guilty of this. I love looking to see what other people are creating and justifying those endless hours of scrolling to “I’m looking for inspiration”. But does looking at other people’s creations and moments add any real value to our lives? Does inspiration mean anything if it doesn’t inspire us to take action?

In my case, I’ve been looking at house inspiration for the home we are building in Bali. I will scroll images for hours, create Pinterest boards, send photos to my husband and create mood boards. But these tasks rarely bring me much joy. The real joy comes when I take all of that inspiration and start to see it coming alive; when the rooms start to take shape, and I see a tangible accomplishment, better known as ‘The Builders High’.DIY Creations

This same high is felt when you build or create anything. What’s the last thing you created and brought into this world that gave you this high? Maybe it was a meal you made, a DIY project around the home or a homemade toy for your kids created from upcycled materials.

There is something special about making something with your own hands. Plus, in many instances, when you create your own items at home, the environmental impact is less than if you just purchased this product ready-made. It was this environmental impact that first inspired me to start My Pure Earth. I wanted to create my own items at home, reuse containers, know what went into each product etc. But the emotional high of creating these products totally took me by surprise.

There is something special about making something just for you, and who doesn’t love giving and receiving homemade gifts? If you had two body scrubs sitting in your shower, which one would give you more joy to use? A homemade version or a store-bought version? I always reach for homemade items, and there is something so satisfying about using and enjoying items that I have made myself.

So let’s stop looking at other people’s moments and inspiration and start making our own! My challenge to you this week is to take a recipe and create something. Then, let me know how you felt after you made your creation. Did you experience a ‘Builders High’? Did you experience joy in bringing your creation into this world?

I talk a lot about pampering ourselves with natural products and taking time out for ourselves. But many people associate pampering with the using of the products, while I believe emotional pampering also occurs when we take time out of our busy schedules to create!DIY Creations

Below are some of my favourite recipes to get you started. All of these can be made in less than 5 minutes. I hope these inspire you to not only look at my creations but to create your own. Click on the links to be brought to the recipes.

Uplifting Roller Blend

‘Smooth as a Baby’s Behind’ Body Scrub

Peppy Coffee Body Scrub

Relaxing Floral Bath Salts

And to make your creations eco friendly, remember to use good quality containers that can be reused multiple times. By making our own products and reusing containers, we help reduce the amount of packaging waste that ends up in landfill. Check out our ‘Accessories and Blending Supplies’ page to find the perfect container for your next creation.

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