Why I Love Citrus Essential Oils

Why I Love Citrus Essential Oils

When I’m searching for a fresh, invigorating, energizing, sweet, yet clean scent, which essential oil do I reach for? Any citrus will do the trick. These oils tend to be my go to when diffusing in my home. They all have a positive, uplifting aroma which is safe to use around my kids and pets, plus I have never had anyone walk into my home and say “Yuck, your home smells like fresh oranges”.

At My Pure Earth we have 6 citrus oils, which are all sourced from an amazing organic farmer in Italy. If you want to learn more about this farm, click here. This farmer and distiller produces orange, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot and lime essential oil, all of which are cold-pressed from the rind of the fruit.

Although all of these oils have their own unique benefits, they also have a lot in common.

They will lift your spirits and give you an emotional boost

Remember the last time you peeled an orange and how the fresh aroma instantly lifted your spirits? The same probably happens when you get a sniff of lemon or grapefruit doesn’t it? Well that’s no surprise since citrus essential oils have incredibly powerful properties that stimulate the senses and invigorate the body and mind to invoke feelings of positivity, happiness, and hope.

This is the main reason why I love citrus oils; they help to turn your day into a brighter and happier one! These oils work on the brain’s chemicals and hormones to not only improve your mood, but to also provide emotional balance. Even if you’re feeling a bit anxious and irritable, these oils have been known to reduce these negative feelings when diffused.

They kill germs and naturally disinfect your home

If you’re looking for a natural way to clean your home, than look no further! When added to your DIY cleaning products, they add an amazing scent, work well with soaps to lift dirt and have strong antibacterial qualities. Plus, you won’t need those chemical filled air fresheners anymore. Citrus oils don’t just cover up indoor odours, they clarify the air when diffused with the kind of pure scent that can only be derived from nature. I love a combination of lemon, lime and orange, but you can create your own air cleansing citrus oil blend as they all smell amazing together.

They boost the immune system

Citrus essential oils are known to effectively boost the immune system. Diffuse these fruity essential oils to enjoy an immune boost during cold and flu season. Or use to recover from seasonal illnesses quicker.

If you want to check out my favourite citrus diffuser blend recipe, click here.

Citrus oils are are happy, uplifting oils that have been called liquid sunshine in a bottle. Which one is your favourite? Please let me know in the comments below, I love hearing from you 🙂



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